Is there such a thing as the overthinking cure?

the overthinking cure

The answer is no, there is no such thing as the overthinking cure – and here’s why:

The word cure implies a one-time fix, an intervention that is done once, and then nothing more ever has to be done.

Overthinking simply doesn’t work that way. Here’s a good way to grasp this:

the overthinking cure Is there a cure for being unhealthy? You just do one thing, and then you’re healthy for life? The answer is no because health is an ongoing process.

Is there a cure for ignorance? You just learn one thing and BAM, you’re no longer ignorant? The answer is no because learning is a process.

Is there a cure for bad relationships? You just do one thing and then you never have any relationship problems or difficulties again?

And so it is with thinking. Thinking well is a process. And thinking too much, too hard, for too long is a consequence of living in a ‘thinking culture’. In other words, just like health, wisdom, and good relationships require an ongoing effort, so does healthy thinking.

An ongoing effort is required because we are living in a culture that is obsessed with analysis, criticism, negativity, and left-brain thinking. 

Being unhealthy, ignorant, or having poor relationships require us to practice certain new habits over time and build them into our lifestyle. So does healthy thinking.

The good news is that after a while, healthy thinking becomes easy and automatic. Once you learn it, only a little ongoing awareness is necessary. 

This is why it’s important not to be looking for a cure to overthinking and instead, look for real tools you can learn that will empower you to stop overthinking. Tools you can use any place and any time you need them. 

While there may be no such thing as the overthinking cure, there are definitely things you can learn and do to minimize and stop overthinking.

If you can learn them and then integrate new habits into your life, you can stop overthinking. Think of it more like an intervention or a set of tools that you can learn that will allow you to respond resourcefully whenever your mind lapses into overthinking and over analysis.

Here are 2 resources to help get you started:


How To Stop Overthinking Quickly 

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The important thing to understand is that you may be overthinking more than you realize, not just in your relationships.

Overthinking is mostly an unconscious pattern. It is important to have a counter strategy to your overall habit of overthinking itself; one that puts you more in control.



If Overthinking is a Real Problem In Your Life 

How To Stop Overthinking CourseCheck out my online course: How to Stop Overthinking.

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