Stop Overthinking Course


Stop Overthinking

“How To Stop Overthinking” is an online stop overthinking course that will show you how to get free from overanalyzing, and overcriticizing.

It will also help you to stop being too negative too much of the time.

It includes videos, downloads, exercises, action steps, and a step-by-step guide so you can go at your own pace.

If overthinking is a real problem in your life, go the extra mile and use this course to focus in and help you develop some new habits. 

Deliberate practice, with good instructional materials is one of the most effective ways to create real change in your life. 


Inside The Course

What You’ll Learn

The Cause Of Overthinking

Learn what causes overthinking, how it’s structured in neurology, and why it can be so difficult to stop until you learn how.

The Requirements

Discover the handful of things that are required if you want to truly stop overthinking. 


Learn how to recognize when you’re overthinking sooner so you can stop it faster.  

Counter Patterns

Learn the 7 proven patterns that counteract, stop, and interrupt overthinking every time, and how to get good at them quickly and easily. 

Help Others

Learn ways to help people around you to minimize their overthinking, negativity, and over analysis. 

Healthy Balance

Learn how to use your analytical powers in positive ways that serve you and help you achieve your goals and dreams – without overthinking. is dedicated to helping people of all ages to stop overthinking, stop negative and destructive thinking, and replace too much motion with effective action. We offer free resources, books, audios, videos, and online courses designed for different learning styles.

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