Stop Overthinking Book


This stop overthinking book helps teenagers to break the habits of overthinking and negative thinking.

Stop Overthinking For Teens, A course For Acquiring Inner Strength – Book One is by Drake Arlington.
It is approximately 120 pages in length and in the categories of Self Help and Personal Development.


Stop Overthinking Book Release

Stop Overthinking Book

Stop Overthinking For Teens by Drake Arlington is published by Magic Boat Publications. This stop overthinking book for teens will be available on and here on our website starting January of 2024.

It is part 1 of a 3-part series to help teens develop inner strength.

The book is filled with techniques to immediately stop overthinking, stop negative thinking, and move from too much motion to more action. The practice exercises are described in detail in an easy-to-follow step by step style.


Book Overview

Stop Overthinking Book

Here’s an overview of the contents of the book.

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The secret of Inner Strength
Chapter 1.  Why read this book
Chapter 2. The most vital realization
Chapter 3. What is inner strength?
Chapter 4. What is overthinking?
Chapter 5. How I learned this
Chapter 6. Awareness comes first
Chapter 7. How to stop overthinking
Chapter 8. How to stop thinking negatively
Chapter 9. The 5 Positivity Practices
Chapter 10. How to get good at the Positivity Practices
Chapter 11. A life saver – how to get immediate relief
Chapter 12. Go from too much motion to action
Chapter 13. Who should you tell about all this?
Chapter 14. A quick action plan
Chapter 15. How to turbocharge your progress
Chapter 16. A small request
Chapter 17. When to move on to book two of the course

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A Peek Inside The Book

Stop Overthinking Book

Chapter 1: Why Read This Book

Do you sometimes wish your emotions weren’t so all over the place? Do you feel sad, hopeless, angry, helpless or just plain confused more often than you’d really like?

Do you find the world and its problems overwhelming? Have you ever heard yourself say something like “life isn’t supposed to be like this, something isn’t right . . . I know I can do better than this “

Do you feel pressured from bullying, dealing with a body that’s always changing, or sex related issues. And what about the pressure of experimenting with drugs, relationship difficulties, getting good grades, or the constant violence that our culture promotes?

Do you feel unmotivated in the middle of everything that’s going on and not know how to quite get back into a positive momentum?

Does the state of the world sometimes frighten you? I’m talking about the real possibility of nuclear war, pandemics, racism, and bigotry spiraling out of control, global warming, and what the likelihood of about AI outpacing humanity and gaining control over it?

If all of that isn’t enough to cope with, you are now living an unprecedented time of government, educational, political, corporate, and media corruption.

For the first time in history, MOST of the messages, role-models, and authority figures you see and listen to are NOT trying to help you. They pretend to, but they’re really trying to influence you with their agenda.

They are intent on cramming their values, beliefs, assumptions, and biases into you so they can inculcate you with their political point of view.

Honesty, how in the world do you deal with all of this? How do you keep from becoming negative, depressed, jaded, and despondent?


Great News

I have some GREAT news for you. First, you are an incredibly powerful human being – more powerful than you can imagine. You have Divinity inside of you, at your core.

Secondly, you have the ability to deal extremely resourcefully with every single one of the issues I just mentioned. You can be more powerful, more positive and more effective than you know.

You simply haven’t learned how. Not yet anyway. And that’s not your fault.

The only reason you don’t know how to deal more effectively with all this stuff is because no one has ever taught you how.

The kind of resourcefulness I’m talking about is not taught in school. And most parents, though well-meaning, don’t’ know about these techniques.

Add to that the fact that 99% of the ‘mindset’ and ‘empowerment’ content on the internet (and related books) is either ridiculous hype, or so over-complicated that it’s useless and overwhelming.

The online videos on the subject of self-development, empowerment, and mindset amount to a bunch of motivational speeches pumped up by celebrities and pseudo-gurus – bits here, pieces there. It would take 50 years to put it all together into some form of methodology that would actually be useful.

So, if well-meaning parents and teachers can’t really teach you this, and the motivational gurus can’t either, and the internet hype definitely can’t do it, then who can?

Where can you get a proven set of skills, beliefs, and patterns that will help you win out over the many challenges you face in your teens – and beyond?

In the three short books that make up this course, I’m going to show you, step by step, how to be more resourceful and effective in dealing with ‘life’ than ever before.

There is a level of resourcefulness that you can acquire in your teen years, that lets you move through your life feeling amazing most all of the time, and being highly effective in ways that make a difference for you, the world, and the people around you.

This is no dreamy motivational nonsense. It’s a living, breathing reality. I know because I live this way every day and I have taught student after student how to do it.

To be clear, I’m talking about a completely different way of moving through the world. It’s definitely not the way the majority of people around you see the world, respond to it, or experience it.

If you want exceptional results, you have to do exceptional things.

And to feel great, and be powerful and resourceful most all of the time is going to take practice. I’m not going to sugar coat it. There is no way you’ll get this without practicing. But there’s no way to get good at anything without practice, right?

Maybe you feel that this isn’t possible or that you can’t do it. I understand that. All I ask is that you read this book and do the exercises and let your experiences be your guide.

Once you learn how to enter into this ‘zone’ that I’m referring to, and do it naturally, your life will never be the same again. Things that get at you now will never get at you again. Certain painful feelings you experience will never have the ‘sting’ they have now – in fact, a lot of emotional pain will just simply vanish forever.

You can actually experience a continuous ever-present feeling of things working and flowing, no matter what’s happening out in the world. I have to admit, it’s not easy for me to describe it. When I do, it sounds like some dreamy state that’s too good to be true and is over idealized.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it is a reality. This way of moving through the world sets you free from the roller-coaster of life’s events.

Right now, events and the way you think about them, pretty much control and determine how you feel most all the time.

Just imagine what your life would be like if they didn’t. If you could feel any way you wanted to – in the face of whatever is happening – with anyone, at any place, at any time.

So welcome to book one of your course on Inner Strength.

This book contains the most important keys that make up the core foundation for building an uncommon and exceptional experience of life while you’re still in your teen years.

We’re about to get at the very heart of who you are and how you process the world.

I’m about to cut through the motivational pump you up crud, and the pedantic self-help junk and get to the real drivers of inner power, resilience, joy, confidence, control, and freedom.

If you feel a kind of kindling energy as you read this book, keep reading. Let that excitement build.

If you don’t feel anything, then put down the book and walk away – it’s not for you.

You may feel like you’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time, and that it’s finally arrived.

You’re about to learn how to build a YOU that you love being, and a life that you love living – no matter what is going on around you.

Please stop referring to this as personal empowerment, personal growth, mindset or any other worn-out phrase that’s floating around on the internet. They are not what this is.

This is something different.

I call it inner strength.

© 2023 by Drake Arlington

This stop overthinking book gives teenagers a way to be more positive and resourceful in any situation.


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