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How you think about overthinking matters. This is where an overthinking meme can be helpful. It’s especially useful to have a meme about overthinking that makes you laugh or smile. It creates a different feeling when you think about overthinking.

The cultural phenomenon that is labeled overthinking is actually a disease. Laughter, creativity, imagination, mindfulness, meditation, love, and gratitude are some of the cures.

And we need the cures badly. Our world is overanalyzing and overthinking itself to death . . . and destruction.

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Thoughts On Over Analysis

Overthinking Meme

Overthinking is another way of saying over analysis. When the mind is analyzing, dissecting, dividing, categorizing, etc. it is thinking. And that is normal and natural. That’s what the mind is supposed to do. The ability to analyze using your mind is a highly useful tool.

Up to a point. 

And then it becomes a problem. Sometimes a very serious and dangerous problem.

The root of the problem is that the mind doesn’t know when to quit. There are many things that contribute to this tendency, most of them are cultural.

In the West, we’ve made a false God of reason. We’re taught to analyze from the first grade in school all the way through to the highest levels of academia. It’s obsessive. Entire professions are all about thinking. Lawyers make ‘arguments’. Rational analysis is worshiped in the West. 

It’s all LEFT brain. Left brain stands for logic, analysis, thinking, dividing.

We’re virtually never formally taught RIGHT brain methods, nor are we educated in such a way that that causes us to value right brain activities. 

The irony of this is that ‘great minds’ are highly creative. Einstein said that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.” 

So what’s the solution?

You have to condition your brain to quit, to stop analyzing, and do something else. This takes a little practice and some knowhow, but it can be done. 

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