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This FREE report will teach you a proven 3-step formula that STOPS overthinking in its tracks. Get FREE from overanalyzing, overcriticizing, negative thinking, overevaluation and the pain and damage they cause.

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How To Know If You’re Overthinking

free from overthinking Do you find yourself going over a particular experience (either in the past or future) in an unpleasant way, ruminating on it over and over without being able to stop?

free from overthinking Have you noticed that you are overly critical, negative, or that you analyze things too much of the time?

free from overthinking Has someone else commented to you recently that they expected you to be overly critical, negative, or to over-analyze a situation – and it bothered you that they see you this way?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, download our FREE report right now and get a breakthrough!


Download This FREE report "The 3-Step Formula That STOPS Overthinking."

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In Relationships

How to stop overthinking your relationships and interactions with others to get free from overthinking.

At Night

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Stop Overthinking Book

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How To Stop Overthinking

Learn specific techniques you can use immediately to stop overthinking.

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The Risks

If You Don’t Stop Overthinking

The risks of overthinking are significant and insidious.

free from overthinking Worry, stress, negative rumination, and anxiety are just the tip of the ice burg that result from the habit over analyzing.

free from overthinkingOverthinking is one of the major causes of insomnia.

free from overthinking Over analyzing can cause feelings of hopelessness, diminished performance, sexual disfunction, and a sense of helplessness and inadequacy.

free from overthinking When overthinking is combined with negative thinking these effects are multiplied manyfold.

free from overthinking Overthinking can become such a self-sabotaging pattern that it makes you unteachable. This means you can’t get the resources you need to change and improve your life. Teachers, mentors, and others who are trying to help you will not be able to, because you over analyze them, over criticize them and their suggestions and recommendations. This blocks the teacher and the help and resources that they are trying to give you, and which you may very much need.

free from overthinking Negative thinking destroys relationships. It can stagnate your career and your growth.

free from overthinking All of this adds up to the destruction of a positive, happy, and healthy life.


Decide To Stop Overthinking NOW


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The Path To Getting FREE

Learn These 5 Components

I created a 5-step model that stops overthinking and gives you back control of your mind and your life. It’s called I.S.T.O.P.™. You can learn the 5 components of I.S.T.O.P.™ in my online course How To Stop Overthinking – The Online Course. Once you know this formula, you can use it to free yourself forever from the agony of overthinking and the destructive consequences of negative thinking.


I - It all starts with your understanding and commitment


S - Stop overthinking and use analysis only when it's appropriate and useful


T - Turn negative thoughts into positive patterns of resourcefulness


O - Opt out of too much motion and get into action


P - Practice a lot and learn how to have fun practicing

Have a step by step plan

If you’re trying to stop overthinking or avoid over criticizing and negative thinking patterns all by yourself, you’re fighting an uphill battle. I.S.T.O.P. ™ gives you a step-by-step plan so you can see results on a regular basis and feel great about your progress.

Want A FAST Track?

One of the beset ways to stop overthinking quickly and easily is to take my online course How To Stop Overthinking – The Online Course. You’ll learn the I.S.T.O.P.™ model step by step so you can go at your own pace in your own time. The course is packed with handouts, exercises, action steps, videos, and audios. It makes the entire process easier to do.

How To Stop Overthinking – The Online Course is a great way to make rapid progress if you want to stop overthinking, stop over analysis, and replace negative thinking with positive and resourceful thinking patterns.

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